Keep up to date on the latest WA Communicable Disease Control information by subscribing to one or more of the distribution lists below:

Vaccine Updates (general) - Important news and updates about immunisation programs and vaccines for immunisation providers in WA. This e-newsletter is targeted towards immunisation providers and healthcare professionals involved in immunisation. Please state your involvement with immunisation to stay subscribed to this list. Membership is reviewed periodically. 
Virus WAtch - A weekly summary of General Practice and hospital Emergency Department sentinel surveillance data on influenza-like illness, gastroenteritis and varicella-zoster disease, together with relevant laboratory information, to alert health care workers in WA to important circulating viruses.
NSP News - Keep up to date with current information, updates and projects relevant to the WA Needle and Syringe Program (NSP). This e-newsletter is targeted towards NSP providers, coordinators and staff who are involved in the delivery of NSP services in WA.
Infectious Diseases Health Alerts - Current infectious disease health alerts for medical practitioners in Western Australia. Please state your occupation and organisation (e.g. practice, clinic or hospital name) to stay subscribed to this list. Membership is reviewed periodically.
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